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Keeping Dripping Springs Moving

| Jeremy Kethley |

What keeps Dripping Springs moving?  Is it the kids, families, schools, churches, gyms, athletics, or a combination of all?  Well, we all know that it takes a combination of these to keep a community moving.  The focus of this article is how and why we should keep our own body moving.

The human body has been blessed with 206 bones, 360 joints, and between 656 – 850 muscles (depending on which expert you ask).  All of those make up our wonderful musculoskeletal system.  I want focus on the makeup of those 360 joints.  Wherever you see a bend or crevice on your body, there is a joint.  Every joint has two bones that articulate with each other and a small capsule filled with synovial fluid surrounding that joint.  The ends of each bone have cartilage that makes movement easier.  The cartilage gets it nourishment from the synovial fluid.  If you do not have adequate cartilage health, then movement begins to become difficult and painful.  This is called osteoarthritis.  The number one way to combat OA is to keep moving!

What are the best ways to move?  If your joints are tight and painful, I would recommend swimming, then biking, then elliptical trainers.  You want to make sure that the movements you perform are non-jarring.  Dripping Springs is lucky to have multiple gyms with various types of equipment to help make your choice easier.  If you continue to have problems and pain moving, you should have a consultation with a physical therapist.  PT’s know how each of those 360 joints should move and how all those muscles should move each joint.  There are many different types of manual therapy techniques, exercises, procedures, and modalities that a physical therapist can use to help keep you moving.

Coming this June, Kethley Physical Therapy will be doing a little moving of our own.  We are moving down the street to the Arbor Center at 800 West Hwy. 290, Bldg. B. After all of the community support from the last 11 years, we are growing and moving to a much larger facility. We are all very excited about our move and would like to invite all of our past, present, and future patients to an open house in late June.  Please stop by, say hi, and see how Kethley Physical Therapy is “Keeping Dripping Springs Moving”!